Our Vision

A Network of Goodwill

Here and now, in every neighbourhood, there are kindred spirits who share a vision of a beautiful and humane world, and who share a commitment to making it a reality.

They might be found planting organically – food, herbs, flowers, forests; or simplifying their lives, using less fossil fuels, recycling and repairing, going by bus and by bicycle, pouring less poison down the sink and less waste into the landfill. They might be working to restore the soul in science; or creating artefacts that are sustainable and beautiful; or sharing their craft in sound, colour or form.

Others are reaching out to those that society has abandoned; or reminding big organisations to respect life at human scale; or challenging “expert” opinions. They may be choosing a more compassionate diet, moving their money to a more ethical bank or credit union, raising their children without force or fear. They may be pioneering new ways to exchange ideas, skills and resources; experimenting with different kinds of household or community; or simply remembering how to play, sing and dance together without dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Some are learning to heal – bringing together wisdom and skills from different ages, cultures and dimensions. Then there are those who are advocates for the voiceless kingdoms – animal, vegetable and mineral – that depend on human beings for their welfare and survival.

Others are struggling to uproot violence – in the nation, the community, the home and the heart – learning to think, to speak and to act without cruelty.

Most are politically engaged, but each with their own unique mix of causes and ideals. Many prefer to “follow the money” rather than a party line – aware that every donation and purchase they make every day is a powerful vote for good or ill.

Most are spiritually active, but without a conventional creed. They may practice meditation or mindfulness, and use the insights and strength from their inner work to inform their service in the world.

Some are reclaiming the great seasonal rituals, aligning themselves with the cycles of Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars; or reinventing those essential rites of passage: the initiations of birth, coming of age, marriage, death and spiritual unfoldment.

Many sense that the world will need a vast outpouring of goodwill if it is to make it through the next few decades intact. Some found their deeper purpose through personal crisis – perhaps global crisis is humanity’s great opportunity?

Do you recognise yourself here? Are you a member of this extraordinary group? Are you one of those resisting the great tide of materialism that would engulf our civilisation? Are you among those building little altars and centres and refuges of hope for a more compassionate world? If so, you need support! Network News exists to reach, encourage and support all members of this “network of goodwill”. A space where members can meet, share their gifts and celebrate their unity and their diversity. A place to vision, to collaborate, and to affirm that, truly, “another world is possible”.