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“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence. Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance. Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence. Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”

― Yoko Ono

The events that follow will most likely be cancelled due to C-19 so please do contact the organiser before thinking of going. We imagine most of the events, workshops, groups listed in Network News will not go ahead, but some the buildings are open still as of today 17/3/20. It’s also good to know that several of the Regular Weekly Classes are online or have Zoom facilities. Again, please contact the facilitator/tutor for guidance. Blessings to all beings

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT Until 8th March. For two weeks each year thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to share the stories of the people who grow our food and drinks and who grow the cotton in our clothes, people who are often exploited and underpaid. This year we are focussing on Cocoa; the special role women farmers play in the journey to living incomes, and sharing new stories and tools to get more people choosing Fairtrade chocolate in our local shops. Cocoa is sold from the farms before it is turned into chocolate. The end product is a luxury that very few cocoa farmers will ever be able to afford. More from –

NORTH WALES INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT / UWCHGYNHADLEDD DATBLYGU RHYNGWLADOL GOGLEDD CYMRU 18th March. A day of networking and workshops about Approaches for Sustainability in a Globally Responsible Wales, led by Sophie Howe, the Future Generations Commissioner. Held at Bangor University and hosted by Hwb Cymru Africa. See Calendar/What’s On 18th for more info.

ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION SOCIETY We are a new society set up in 2020 in what will be a deciding year in the climate crisis. Our aim is to campaign for greater environmental action at Bangor University and beyond. We will engage with university students, staff, societies and local Community members about important issues associated with water, energy, transport, waste, food and biodiversity. If this is something you’d like to help with or hear more about, please join our society and social media pages. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Facebook: Bangor Environmental Action Society Twitter: @BangorEnviro

CIRCULAR ECONOMY STRATEGY We want your views on our strategy to make a low carbon, zero waste Wales that uses a fair share of resources. Consultation ends 3rd April 2020. More from:

PLASTIC FREE: Crisp Packet Project sends empty packets to projects that make bivi bags for the homeless, find them on Facebook See also Plastic Free Snowdonia and Plastic Free Llanfairfechan (Facebook) where you can find ideas and plastic projects happening – and there are probably more!! – a general website which informs about reduced packaging efforts by supermarkets.

ERROL DUNKLEY & DUB NATTY SESSIONS BAND 21st March, 7.30pm, see Calendar.

VIPASSANA MEDITATION GROUP SIT in Bangor twice weekly, with occasional longer sits. We welcome all who have completed at least a 10 day course in the traditions of either S N Goenka or Sayagi U Ba Kin. Rik –

NORTH WALES PRINT FAIR 7th March. Workshops, displays, demonstrations and affordable art to buy! Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno. Mostyn is committed to supporting independent makers and small businesses. See Calendar.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY EVENTS “An equal world is an enabled world.” See Calendar for events on 7th, 8th, 9th & 13th; and films Blue Stocking on 3rd, and Home on 2nd & 3rd

Do You Have Any Objects Relating to Protest? We are looking for objects created or used by people protesting for causes – includes traditional items such as banners, posters, badges or everyday objects that tell a personal story of protest. If you have any objects, please contact Bangor University and Storiel Museum Collections Officer, Helen Gwerfyl:, 01286 679823 by 6 March 2020.

Refilling Shops – Local – Reduced Plastic – “to change your world”. The aim of refilling is to promote reduced plastic and zero waste containers as well as a mix of local produce  – don’t forget your own containers and bags!

Local Spar Shops do re-filling for some liquids, eco-products and dry food (Betws y Coed, Pwlheli, Llanrwst) 

Sustainable – Weigh/ Siop y Glorian, 13 Castle Square, Caernarfon 01286 678717

Dimensions Dru Health Store, Holyhead Rd, Upper Bangor 01248 351562.

Twenty Fifty 403 Abergele Rd, Old Colwyn 01492 513809

Iechy Siop Bwyd Iach Health Food Shop 10 Y Maes, Pwllheli 01758 612223 (eco products only)

What can we do about climate anxiety? 


It can be hard to admit to yourself that your home and Community are not what they once were. A great start to fighting climate anxiety and learning how to handle a changing climate starts with acknowledging what’s happening – then talking about it with those you trust. By acknowledging how you feel, it allows you to determine how you can act to take care of yourself. It can be hard to talk about something existential like climate anxiety, especially with those who don’t understand it, but in many cities, support groups to talk about this exact topic are forming.

If there’s not a group in your area, don’t be afraid to start one of your own or approach loved ones. By finding a group of like-minded people or talking about the climate crisis with friends, you can make a difference within yourself and your Community. The climate crisis isn’t something that can be solved by one person – so let’s team up, help each other and help our environment! Small changes can lead to bigger ones, or they can even inspire others! If you want to fight off tough feelings that may come with reading news stories about the climate crisis, these changes can make a world of a difference for your mental health and for the environment. Most importantly 

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

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