January 2019

Hartsheath Group Until 5th January. Six printmakers working collectively to produce a body of work based on a shared experience of an environment. The project team used research, the time spent walking through the landscape, conversations, field notes and sketches to develop a deeper understanding of it and to inform the artwork. Theatr Clwyd, Mold CH7 1YA, 01352 701521, theatrclywd.com

Ruth Thomas ~ Printmaking, Stencil & Collagraph Until 27th January. Ruth uses her late mother’s notebooks which documented her daily walks in the countryside, writing about the passing of the seasons, the sky, the weather, plants and all the wildlife she saw. Ruth has used fragments of her mother’s tiny handwriting blown up very large to produce an abstract gesture. Mostyn, Llandudno LL30 1AB, 01492 879201, mostyn.org

Cosgrove Hall Until 12th January. Cartoon and animation lovers of all ages can rediscover the enchanting world of Cosgrove Hall Films as the comprehensive collection exhibits in Wales for the first time. Oriel Gallery, Theatr Clwyd, Mold CH7 1YA, 01352 701521, theatrclywd.com

Josephine Meckseper Until 3rd March. One of the foremost female artists of her generation working today, Meckseper melds the aesthetic language of modernism with the formal language of commercial display, combining them with her own images and film footage of historical undercurrents and political protest movements. Mostyn, Llandudno 01492 879201, mostyn.org

Rhodri Owen ~ To The Quick / I’r Byw Until 6th January. Rhodri contrasts his own hand-crafted furniture with transfigured pieces in visually unexpected ways. Oriel Môn, Llangefni 01248 724444, orielynysmon.gov.uk

In-sight 16 Until 27th January. Helfa Gelf artists. A variety of talent exhibiting. Mostyn, Llandudno 01492 879201, mostyn.org

Wrexham Art Group 7th – 26th January. Oils, acrylics, watercolours and pastels by this local art group. Theatr Clwyd, Mold CH7 1YA, 01352 701521, theatrclywd.com

Louisa Gagliardi ~ Under the Weather Until 3rd March. Gagliardi’s work pulls apart the construction of an image, and of our society in a digital age, while appearing to explore the codes and history of painting. Her works pose questions around ideas of figure and ground, flatness and depth. Mostyn, Llandudno 01492 879201, mostyn.org

In Black and White ~ Mewn Du a Gwyn Until 17th February 2019. This exhibition represents examples of Charles Tunnicliffe’s wood engravings and etchings, showing fine art prints alongside works intended for publication and commercial purposes. Oriel Charles Tunnicliffe, Llangefni 01248 724444, kyffinwilliams.info

Jack Crabtree 19th January – 2nd March. Jack is best-known for his social realist work of the 1970s and in 1974-75 was commissioned by the National Coal Board to present an artistic record of the changing face of the coalfields of  South Wales. Theatr Clwyd, Mold CH7 1YA, 01352 701521, theatrclywd.com

Dorothy M Williams Until 18th February. Dorothy is attracted to the man-made environment, often including figures; using sketches with a rich palette. Free entry, open 10am – 5pm. Oriel Hir, Kyffin Williams Gallery, Llangefni, Ynys Mon LL77 7TQ, 01248 72444, oriel@ynysmon.gov.uk 

Indian Threads ~ Textile Inspirations Until 27th January. This exhibition is a celebration of a wider exchange project known as Threads. Artists from Wales and artisans from Kachchh in rural Gujarat have shared studio time and field trips, community traditions and personal experiences. Skills rooted in generations of textile practice and impressions forged by open minds and new horizons come together to give this exhibition heart and soul. New work being developed by Rajiben M. Vankar, Champa Siju, Julia Griffiths Jones, Eleri Mills, Laura Thomas and Louise Tucker promises to delight. Ruthin Craft Centre 01824 704774, ruthincraftcentre.org.uk    5th – talk by Eleri, see Calendar.

Ingrid Murphy ~ The Language of Clay Until 27th January. Connectivity is crucial to Ingrid Murphy, between people and places and across time. Her explorations provoke and surprise us as she marries traditional ceramic processes with creative technologies. Ruthin Craft Centre 01824 704774, ruthincraftcentre.org.uk

Storiel ~ New Again Until 30th March. Examples of ‘recycling’ from Storiel’s museum collection. Some are beautiful pieces made from treasured fragments, others discarded broken objects used in a new way. Fford Gwynedd, Bangor LL57 1DT, 01248 353368, storiel.cymru

Jonah Jones Centennial 27th January – 17th March. Sculptor, artist-craftsman and writer. Jonah is especially remembered as a sculptor in stone, letter cutter and painter of vernacular lettering. Learning both the traditional techniques of stained glass and the newer ones of concrete glass and dalle de verre, he left a fine body of work in Catholic churches around Wales and England. Plas Glyn Y Weddw, Llanbedrog 01758 740763, enquiry@oriel.org.uk

David Frith & Margaret Frith Until 27th January. This exhibition showcases their ceramic work in the year when they both celebrate their 75th birthdays: their enthusiasm for life and art is an inspiration to us all. Ruthin Craft Centre 01824 704774, ruthincraftcentre.org.uk 19th – talk and demonstration, see Calendar.

Contemporary Artists from Syria ~ Touching Syria 2nd January – 23rd February. Omar Shammah and Catrin Menai. One a member of artist collective SYRIA.ART, the other a member of CARN (Caernarfon Artist Regional Network) – working together remotely to explore connection points between Welsh and Syrian culture. Witness the result of this creative collaboration as it is projected large-scale on Pontio’s White Wall during the ‘Touching Syria’ event. Fford Gwynedd, Bangor LL57 1DT, 01248 353368, storiel.cymru  See Calendar 19th for events.

Alwyn Dempster Jones 28th January – 16th February. Snow, rocks and ruins. Theatr Clwyd, Mold CH7 1YA, 01352 701521, theatrclywd.com

Anweledig ~ Unseen Throughout January. Courtyard spaces. Fleeting, transient moments, often missed by the casual observer of the Centre. Fascinating scenes, playing out in real life that are overlooked and often ignored, but that make up the moments of our daily lives. Ruthin Craft Centre 01824 704774, ruthincraftcentre.org.uk

Beca Rising ~ Peter and Paul Davies Until 5th January. The exhibition focuses on the practice and collaboration of the brothers, who often worked collaboratively through shared ideas. It celebrates the achievement of the late Bangor-based Paul Davies. Whilst it cannot cover the full range of his work, ideas and contribution, it does present an indication of his influence and relevance. Beca celebrates the fight for rural justice in South West Wales c1841. It helped to put Welsh issues of identity, language, culture and politics on the visual arts agenda. Storiel, Fford Gwynedd, Bangor LL57 1DT, 01248 353368, storiel.cymru

Gerald Dewsbury 23rd – 30th January. A new collection – from the ancient and mercurial landscapes of North Wales. Ffin y Parc Gallery, Llanrwst LL26 0PT, 01492 642070, welshart.net