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” …  in every corner of North Wales, you can find inspiration and transformation …”


Network News 2020 – April Issue

For 28 years, Network News has tried to be a voice for the “Network of Goodwill” in North Wales. (See Our Vision page). It is so inspiring to witness the outpouring of mutual support, generosity of spirit and creativity we are witnessing now.

Most of the centres, galleries, shops and other gathering places that usually fill our pages are necessarily closed for the time being, but the beautiful souls who have nurtured these enterprises are all discovering alternative ways to serve and share their gifts.

There is no ordinary “calendar of events” for April, but we have tried to gather on the following pages some of the new ways we are finding to meet each others needs.

Wherever possible, our homes and rooms have become our art galleries, our temples, our exercise classes and our libraries. 

We are also all connected by the World Wide Web, where (so long as we sidestep the swirls of fear and marketing and conspiracy theory!) we can find oases of wisdom and beauty from every age and culture. 

We have also tried to share some useful thoughts about books, movies, podcasts and other online resources we can explore and share at this extraordinary time.

Last but not least, computer tools like Zoom & Skype enable us to keep gathering in virtual space, to vision and support each other as we support the painful birth of a new civilisation.

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Thank you very much / Diolch yn Fawr

A huge thank you to Femke van Gent for her beautiful cover illustrations.

You can find out more about Fem here : femkevangent.art